Market Price Indices

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Compare your pricing to the market index 

For insight on your pricing to discover deviations from market trends, the economic impacts of pricing, find specific opportunities for additional cost savings and forecast future trends. This acts as a prescriptive system, driving strategies in worse-performing areas. 


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Access accurate, granular spend analytics to strategically source goods and services and manage your vendor network

Unlike other solutions, normalized invoice spend data is analysis-ready, removing the lift from IT, costly third parties or internal groups to high-grade and analyze.

Strategic Advisory Services

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Gain detailed, prescriptive recommendations from Enverus analysts to follow based on your strategic goals, without the need to conduct data analysis in-house

This allows you to focus on your core business and realize your cost reduction goals faster through a data-driven strategic sourcing strategy. Examples include RFQ analysis, strategic sourcing, vendor consolidation, D&C campaign management and asset optimization initiatives.